5 TMJ Treatments and Solutions

TMJ pain or Temporomandibular joint pain is a painful condition affecting thousands of people which seems to be rather hard to cure. Many people will say that they have seen doctors countless times, but they don’t seem to get any relief. This article is going to explore options other than medication that are used to ease TMJ pain.

TMJ pain affects the jaw and the muscles and tendons around it, so that any movement causes a lot of pain. It comes about because of misalignment of the “ball” joint around which the jaw swivels. The jaw is used a lot all the time – to talk, to eat, to laugh and many others, so it can be most uncomfortable to suffer TMJ pain.

There are some remedies, other than pain medication and invasive surgery, which seem to work:

TMJ exercises

These aim to strengthen the jaw and make it more flexible so that moving it won’t hurt. The muscles surrounding the jaw are the strongest muscles in your body – you can actually bite your own finger off. The reason why TMJ pain is so severe is because of the 12 major nerves that are in the body, the one supplying the jaws is the biggest as well, in fact bigger than all the others put together.

Because the jaw muscle is a strong muscle, you can easily prime it through exercise. It only becomes tricky because initially, the huge nerve will cause you lots of pain. But there are exercises that can gradually get your jaw muscle primed again without so much pain.

They mainly involve swiveling the jaw around the joint using a combination of a slightly open mouth and tongue movement to make sure that you exercise the entire muscle. Massage is also instrumental in easing TMJ pain, and combined with jaw exercises, it can have a powerful healing effect.

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The dietary key to decreasing TMJ pain is increasing the intake of magnesium. Magnesium works to increase cell turgidity, so that the cells surrounding the jaw area are more fluid and the muscles bruise less when they are moved.

You can get magnesium supplementation in your diet – the best way to do it, but you can get it in supplement form as well. Magnesium rich foods include bananas, spinach and other dark green vegetables, and most pulses. Some people have reported feeling their pain go away as soon as they ate a plate of spinach. If you feel the pain starting to build, don’t wait for it to build up completely. Immediately get some magnesium into your body. It’s a powerful element, so stick to the dosage as advised. In case you are on a calcium supplement, stop it for a while as it tends to pronounce magnesium deficiency.

Price (Supplements budget). Effectiveness – 4.5 stars


Sometimes, TMJ can be as a result of a misalignment between your head, your neck and your spine. Feldenkrais attempts to realign the way all your joints sit with your spine so that you relieve the stress of joints that are sitting badly. Feldenkrais practitioners will look at how your jaw is sitting in relation to your neck and your spine and then use movement to realign everything correctly. It seems to be a highly effective method of treating not just TMJ, but other pain that’s related to the skeletal body.

Price $50 – $300 per month. Effectiveness 5 stars

Splint or mouth guard

Sometimes, TMJ can happen because of teeth grinding. There are people who grind their teeth, especially when they are asleep, and after some time, because the jaw bone never gets rest, it gets inflamed and starts to hurt every time it’s moved. A splint or mouth guard is inserted into the mouth during sleep so that grinding against the jaw is reduced. This is one of the most common methods used to cure TMJ pain.

Price: $120-$300 for quality ones, and $350-$500 for custom made, effectiveness– 2.5 stars


In some cases, the jaw misalignment can be so severe that it requires an invasive procedure to correct it. A lot of people who have jaw pains for a long time resort to surgery. As with any other surgery, it is a risky procedure. The jaw holds the largest nerve in the body, so if anything goes wrong, it can be disastrous. You are also not guaranteed to heal because of surgery. Try everything else first, and try to find out what causes your TMJ pain so that you address the cause rather than the symptoms. Make surgery a last resort.

TMJ pain sufferers report that they take a lot of pain medication all the time. They don’t have to. They should first try these methods of treatment to see if they will be able to get rid of their pain.

Price: $300 to $50,000 for surgery and medication. Effectiveness – Not recommended (This should be your last option)

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